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Our Mission

Our mission is transformational housing for women and families on their journey of recovery.

Our Values

We commit to boldly expanding, empowering and transforming.

About Us

Emma Norton Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization actively combating poverty in our communities by partnering with women, children, and families who are homeless and experiencing the challenges of mental and/or chemical disabilities. ENS provides affordable housing, basic needs, and support services in an environment that fosters stability and encourages personal growth.

Emma Norton Services has two locations to serve a diverse community.  Emma Norton Residence in St. Paul, Minn. is home to 50 individual women and Emma’s Place in Maplewood, Minn. is home to 13 families with single parents and 3+ kids.  

Each year, Emma Norton Services helps over 200 people by providing a supportive community, resources, and personal development opportunities while they worked to build a better life without having to worry about basic needs like a safe place to sleep.

Emma Norton Services has housed families from 28 countries and every state in the country.

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